Base Molding comes with diamond plate trim & OSB backer board cut to size. Glue and hardware are not included.
Base Molding
Not only will these Diamond Plate Base Moldings add style to your room but they also protect the bottom of your wall from damage. Don't be fooled by cheap diamond plate base board that only mounts flush to the wall with tape. These base moldings are the REAL deal that stick out from the bottom of the wall and include a wooden backer board. Perfect for the garage, workshop, den, office, kid's room or kitchen. For business owners you can install them in bars, restaurants, shops, showrooms or anywhere else where looking good still counts!
We recommend the use of our custom milled wooden inside and outside corners to eliminate the need for mitering. These styled wooden accents were made specifically for the 4 inch Base Molding to break up the long runs of diamond plate and add style to your room. Plinth blocks allow you to accent the end of a run of base molding at a door or cabinet area. Base molding, corner pieces and plinth blocks can be painted differently to mix and match whatever scheme your room requires.
Inside & Outside Corners
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         High Quality Stamped Diamond Plate aluminum

        Lengths of 8 feet

         Easy to cut to fit whatever space you need

        Easy to install

         Includes wood backing

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Our base moldings are made from only high quality stamped aluminum.  We offer these base moldings in 8 foot sections with INSTRUCTIONS for easy (cutting and installation) to fit any application.
4 Inch Base Molding
3.25 Inch Base Molding
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Inside Corner
Outside Corner
Plinth Block